Database Hosting


Our long-lived experience designing and operating picture-databases is available for companies and organisers of sporting events. We configurate your picture-database conform to your CI, care for a matching range and the connection to the internet as well as an operational availability 24 hours a day.

We are pleased to offer our and the services of our photographers to assemble a database. Pictures that our clients do provide us with are processed in our office. In addition to that there is the possibility to up-load pictures onto the database via FTP-access by oneself.


As a cost-efficient alternative to one’s own database we also offer download-sites – especially for clients with a lower count of pictures.

These download-sites can be offered in two versions:

  • With the web-accessable and via Google detectable „media-download-site“ the client communicates the link to this site and offers the pictures for usage. If the pictures are subject to restricted or unlimited usage rights is left to the clients discretion.
  • With ”intern download-sites“ the access is secured with an 8-character password. Pictures can only be seen and downloaded by the client or persons authorised to do so.

    Other than a database a download-site does not offer a search-function and the pictures are not captioned.