Sports photos from the austrian national league to the olympic games

We have become the greatest sports photography agency in Austria because we are innovative, flexible, customer oriented and have fun doing our job. We cover sports events on a national and international level, from the Austrian national league to the Olympic games. We aim at creating pictures that are not seen by the audience in the stadium. With our vast experience and sensitivity to our subject matter we capture the emotions an athlete experiences in a realistic full-of-life way. Nowadays people are overloaded with visual input, but we can create photos that are impressive, detail-oriented and so will stay in people’s minds.

“To show the soul of people when taking a
photo is the highest art in photography.”

(Friedrich Dürrenmatt)

Our story. Our story of success begins in the mid-1980s when GEPA was founded by two young sports photographers, Ingrid Gerencser and Franz Pammer. In 2000, the sales strategist Martin Ritzer joined GEPA and has been supporting management as a “third driving force” ever since. Nowadays, with several awards and nominations, millions of pictures, a lot of satisfied clients, 15 employees and 30 affiliates in Austria, GEPA pictures has grown to be one of the most renowned photo service companies in Austria.

We are especially proud of the award won at the World Press Photo Award in 2015 by GEPA pictures photographer Christian Walgram. He was the first Austrian to win  the “Sports-Singles” category and was competing against 82,950 other pictures and 5,774 photographers from 128 countries.

Here is a brief overview of “30 years of GEPA pictures

Due to our motivated GEPA pictures core team and our varied global network of free-lance photographers and partner agencies worldwide, we are very flexible and can cater to our client’s individual photographic needs. Our vast network also means that our data bank is constantly updated with varied and interesting material.