I cannot find the picture I am looking for. What can I do?

Please contact our picture desk at bilder@GEPA-pictures.com.
They will be glad to help you.

Where and how can I look at the pictures and select them?

You can search for pictures in our database even if you are not registered as a client. Please select guest log in to do so.

I get too many results when searching. What can I do?

Try to use more search terms, which you can enter in the search box using a space to separate them. You can also go to extended search, where you can look for categories that match your topic and enter specific dates. Please, read our search tips also.

Can I find historic pictures in the GEPA photo database?

Our analogue picture archive dates to 1987. Our online picture database, however, only contains a few selected of these pictures.

Are there soley sports pictures available in the GEPA photo database?

Sport is our world, but our photographers are enthusiastic travel photographers also. Fantastic photographic travel reportages of the most popular and important sports destinations can be found in our “Event Cities” database.

Since when does GEPA pictures have digital photos?

Since 1997, when we changed from analogue to digital photography.

Is there a price list?

Due to the fact that the price depends on how a picture is being used, the circulation, the size of the images when published... we'd ask you to submit your enquiry per e-mail to office@gepa-pictures.com. We will get back to you with an individual offer.

Is it possible to get digital pictures via mail or on a CD for private usage?

Pictures that are used for private purposes can only be bought in printed form.

Can I see all pictures with the guest log in?

Yes, with the guest log in you can see all pictures in the database. Downloading high-res data, however, is only possible when you are a registered user.

How can I buy pictures?

If you are interested in one of our pictures, please send an e-mail to office@GEPA-pictures.com including the 11-digit number of the picture chosen, and information which way you intend on using the picture.

If I am using a picture on my own homepage does this qualify as use for private purposes?

No, because this way the picture is accessible to the public and therefore a publication from a legal point of view.