The World of Sports

We have gathered experience over decades and can, therefore, guarantee to deliver the highlights of any type of sporting event. We also understand the importance of deadlines and prompt delivery of photos, which is one of our top priorities. Our registered media partners can access several million sports pictures on our online photography database, which is growing by about 900 new photos every day.

Our services

  • Sports photography focusing on branding and product placement
    Advertising and sponsoring only pays off when you are seen. This is where our photographers, who are specialists in branding and product placement, contribute to improving your competitive edge. Branding and associated promotional materials created by our photographers can be distributed upon request directly to the media by the GEPA office team, even including further information and services.
  • Event coverage: photos for media services and documentation
    We document everything for the event host and sponsors, from the setup of the location to the closing event. Included in the media service package is also a license that allows dissemination of pictures to the media.
  • Hosting a photo database & download site
    We offer to share our vast database experience with event hosts and companies. We will create your data bank CI conformed, provide the respective bandwidth and access to the internet as well as 24-hour access.  For clients who do not require many photos, we also offer a site for photo download which is more cost-efficient.
  • Consulting – the perfect photo communicating your brand’s message
    We know what the media wants and can give you advice and support when creating your campaign. You can book our experienced photographers, media and marketing specialists for photo courses and workshops.

We have become Austria’s major database for sports photography due to the knowledge we have collected over the years, our passion for the job and our satisfied clients. We cover national and international sports events, from the Austrian national league to the Olympic games, and capture what the audience in the stadium will miss.